The beginning of SkyCloud journey

Our journey began in 2011 providing web design services and hosting audio servers before the advent of audio and meeting software. In light of the start-up companies and the attempt to withstand and with an ambitious vision and serious and persistent work. We were able to continue and advance our business. And on 01/04/2022, Sky Cloud was launched for web hosting, e-mail, and web design services. Our services have been developed as an improved WordPress hosting has been added to WordPress, and cloud hosting has been added with dedicated resources to serve all categories of customers.

About SkyCloud - The beginning of our journey
About SkyCloud - Our Mission

Our mission

We are constantly and seriously working to improve our services continuously, as well as continuing to innovate and provide more effective services.

Our vision

Providing all technological services. Also, to become a holding company in the Arab world and to advance all established businesses.

About SkyCloud - Our Vision

SkyCloud Commitment

About SkyCloud - The speed of completion of the works

The speed of completion of the works

Before starting any work, good planning is done to ensure the speedy completion of all assigned work.

About SkyCloud - Our client is the king

Our client is the king

We always strive to satisfy all our customers, continuously improve operations, and keep our customers' feedback in mind.

About SkyCloud - Transparency and credibility

Transparency and credibility

All transactions that take place between the company and the client are based on transparency and credibility, clarifying all data to our client.

About SkyCloud - consistency in our services

consistency in our services

Before launching any service, effective planning is demonstrated to ensure that all features are consistent and do not conflict.

About SkyCloud - Engage our clients

Engage our clients

What made us provide services well and effectively is the client's involvement in all steps of project implementation, to ensure the results that the client desires.

About SkyCloud - Compliance with all agreements

Compliance with all agreements

All the features mentioned in all of our services are features that reflect the reality of what we offer, not fake numbers or features.

CEO Of SkyCloud ENG. Abdulrahman Geniedy

CEO Message

“Dear, we are doing our best to provide the best services with the highest quality standards. We promise to continue development and continuous improvement.”

ENG.Abdulrahman Geniedy

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